Why Salmon?

Why Salmon


Salmon is a crypto-wallet oriented towards dApps, specially NFTs marketplaces, blockchain Games and Metaverse, all in a secure & easy way.

Salmon was built to satisfy every crypto user: from beginners to the most advanced enthusiasts, who are looking for a beatiful, secure and easy-to-use wallet.

Open Source


We want to Salmon to be 100% transparent. Open-source software promotes decentralization and allows for a more democratic and inclusive ecosystem. It enables anyone to participate and contribute to the project, fostering long-term sustainability and growth.

It also helps to ensure the security and reliability of the code. Why should we use a closed-source self-custodial wallet then?.

Main features

  • Self-Custodial: Your tokens. Your control. Your keys.
  • NFTs: View and manage all your NFTs across chains.
  • Swap/Bridge: Exchange your tokens easily.
  • Token Burning: Got Spam Tokens? Burn them all and Earn
  • Connect to dApps: Explore all of the Crypto Ecosystem has to offer.


Private Key

Your private keys are encrypted on your device by your personal password and are never shared with anyone. We can't (and don't want) access to your private keys. This information is on your end.


Your account addresses, asset balances or any personal detectable information, remains untracked. We don’t need it. Find more information in our Privacy Policy

Security Audit

Salmon is continuously audited by the best known-well auditing company: the entire community. We have an internal team that processes and checks every pull request that the community sends us with high-level standards.

Transaction Simulation

You can see exactly what leaves your wallet before signing a transaction, so nothing goes under the radar. We have also integrated Blowfish (on Solana).

Hardware wallet support

Salmon is working to integrate Ledger and Keystone to better protect your assets through hardware gear. Coming soon


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