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Ocean NFT

The Source of Water

"The Source of Water" collection is a membership NFT that exists in the Ethereum, Solana and NEAR blockchains. In each one, there's only 3000 pieces that come in 4 diferent flavors: Lake, River, Sea and Ocean.


  • Free wallet commission: Swaps.
  • Free wallet commission: Bridge.
  • Free wallet commission: On/Off Ramp.
  • Airdrops Coming soon
  • Early access to new features Coming soon
  • Salmon Points Coming soon
  • DAO Membership Coming soon

Launch Details





Mint date

Starting on March 28th


Frequently Asked Questions

What's the benefit of holding the NFT?

It grants commission-free swaps for holders in all its variations, in any swap/bridge/on-off-ramp. Future benefits yet to be announced include Airdrops, DAO membership and Salmon Points program, early access to new launches and more!

The collection will be launched simultaneously on Ethereum, Solana and NEAR.

Just with a tweet: "Hey @salmonwallet, I want to be in the #SalmonNFT #Whitelist {Paste here your ETH, SOL or NEAR Wallet}". You can click here too.

The first batch will be marked as ALPHA, the second one as BETA and the rest as GAMMA. Each of them will give different priority and price on the mint day.

Prices will be released soon

The collection has 3000 NFTs on each chain. The flavors are distributed this way: 40% River / 27% Lake / 20% Sea / 13% Ocean